Registration is closed for this event. We'll see you there!

Calling all amateur bakers! We are excited to host our 1st Annual Cupcake Challenge!

Date: April 10 at 11 a.m. in Strafford School cafeteria

Who: Amateur bakers in the Strafford area

CriteriaTaste, texture, criteria, and presentation

Requirements: Cupcakes must be sports-themed

Age Brackets: 5-10 | 11-17 | 18+

Prize: The Golden Spatula (plus other awards and prizes)

Price: $25 to register

Official Rules:
1. Choose 1 cupcake recipe of your choice
2. Bake them and decorate them at home
3. Bring 3 cupcakes to the competition. You will have roughly a 3x3 space to set up your cupcakes. There will be a table cloth. Electricity will not be provided.
4. On a 3x5 index card describe the flavor/ingredients on one side and the reason you chose this specific recipe on the other side
5. There will be a panel of 3 judges that will judge your cupcake on Taste, Texture, Presentation, and Creativity

Awards and prizes will be given in each age division and one Overall Judge's Choice.

Click the cupcake to view our new contest flyer!